From: Glenn Walker – Providence Marketing Group

Rutt Wipe Blaze Orange Toilet Paper Wraps a Deal with
the Original Scripted Comedy Jimmy Big Time.

Rutt Wipe, Inc., innovators of the original blaze orange toilet paper that protects your assets, signs a big time deal with Jimmy Big Time, the first ever scripted comedy on the Outdoor Channel. The documentary styled comedy showcases Jimmy “Big Time” Miller, the self proclaimed king of outdoor programming.

“Our team is excited to have the Big Time crew on board,” stated Brian Primus, President of Rutt Wipe, Inc. “We are eager to launch a lasting partnership with Jimmy Big Time and look forward to see what antics they’ll come up with next!”

Rutt Wipe is a blaze orange biodegradable, non-toxic tissue paper that has much more uses than outdoor hygiene. This hunter-safe toilet paper eliminates the appearance of flashing your household white TP in the woods that has the same anatomical resemblance of a whitetail deer.

Blaze orange toilet paper can also be used for trail marking ribbons, tracking deer, and even draping scent wicks over branches.

About Jimmy Big Time:
Jimmy Big Time is a break through scripted comedy that has opened a new door of opportunity to outdoor programming. The fictional documentary style comedy gives viewers a better look at what goes into producing a hit outdoor television show. The star of the show, Jimmy “Big Time” Miller, along with his cast of misfits, invites fans to follow along on their rollercoaster trip of emotional ups and downs to the top of the outdoor industry.

About Rutt Wipe:
Rutt Wipe is a blaze orange biodegradable, non-toxic tissue paper that has no harm to the environment. Each 2-ply roll has 250 sheets and weighs 3 1/2 oz. To learn more go to:  Rutt Wipe

About Big Time Entertainment:
Big Time Entertainment is an award winning production company with over 50 years of combined outdoor television production.