Scouting The Runway

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Finding travel routes for wild turkeys is not easy. They have places that they visit regularly but, based on past experience, the way they get there seems varies. Near the end of last fall’s deer season (late December) I discovered a long, narrow opening that winds through a thick ceder break. I nicknamed the long, narrow opening the “Runway” and hung a SpyPoint camera there. It took pictures of deer, a few wild hogs, and lots of wild turkeys. Of course, this was a few months ago and at that time wild turkeys are grouped up and travel together.

However, Spring is a different situation all together. The groups break up into small groups as well as solo hens and gobblers. And the key for finding gobblers lies with the hens. Historically, in the Spring the hens leave our property for parts unknown. Although quite a few gobblers still roost here, when they hit the ground they boogie on for the hen haunts.

On March 16 I put out a SpyPoint game camera where it could watch the “Runway.” I picked up the camera yesterday and looked for pictures of wild turkey. I learned plenty about what is going on right now … and the season starts tomorrow morning.

Check these pictures and see if you can tell me what’s going on.

Are hens still around? Are gobblers using the runway? Are gobblers strutting yet?

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