From: Kimi Hendron – Hunter Outdoor Communications

Sure-Loc, the industry leader in competitive archery sights, has added a new Lethal Weapon™ to its arsenal of hunting sights. The new Lethal Weapon is loaded with a host of new features, including the popular Retina Lock™ as well as Sure-Loc’s new Gravity Drop Technology™.

The sophisticated technology of the Retina Lock provides instant feedback at a glance that will identify even the slightest torque or change in anchor point. This feedback will enforce proper form, build confidence, and most importantly, dramatically extend your effective range.

The new Lethal Weapon is the first hunting sight that easily puts you and the sight in perfect position utilizing Gravity Drop Technology™. This feature allows the sight housing to be rotationally adjusted up to 15-degrees in either direction, left or right, to ensure that the pins are in line with gravity, while accommodating natural hand cant or a tilted bow position. This revolutionary Gravity Drop Technology quickly gives you a tension-free position to reduce fatigue and improve your shooting, even if you have a quiver full of arrows attached to your bow.

In addition, this newly designed sight offers five axes of adjustment, with each axis being micro-adjustable. The Lethal Weapon’s single Allen-head-adjustable micro pins can be moved vertically either individually or as a group. To add durability, each fiber pin is fully enclosed in a stainless steel tube, which also greatly improves brightness in low light conditions. The pins are able to be stacked tightly together for very little gap between them, which is perfect for flatter shooting bows. The Lethal Weapon’s new micro windage adjustments and extended elevation adjustments allow for more precise settings, making this sight even more accurate than tradition pin sets. Laser-engraved indicator marks on the adjustment frame provide instant visual references, so there is never a doubt to your sight settings.

Unlike most traditional hunting sights the Lethal Weapon offers a five-degree micro-adjustable third axis, which is critical to properly adjust this sight level for elevated shooting. Without a properly positioned third-axis level, an arrow will not shoot on a perfect left-to-right plane when shooting up or down.

If you want a dependable, accurate bow sight with unbeatable quality and design, look no further than the new Sure-Loc Lethal Weapon. It is packed with features that, until now, have only been available on the most accurate target sights in the world.

The Lethal Weapon is available with the Retina Lock or without at suggested retail prices of $399 and $299, respectively. This price also includes a lightweight, rheostat-controlled, variable-intensity LED Sight Light. The Lethal Weapon will be at retailers nationwide later this month.

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