By: Brandon Wikman

In today’s outfitter swindling of get rich quick mentality coupled with amplifying quantity versus quality has forged a weld on the wallet of several thousand hard working hunters in search for a legitimate deer operation to spend their well-earned dollars. With outfitters sprouting from every nook and cranny of the country – it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In these difficult economic times we face – hunters looking to find an operation that provides one-on-one attention, reasonable expectations, and a proven track record is an absolute necessity before even entertaining cutting a deposit. I firmly believe that as a “client,” there should be virtually no room for shards of doubt or speculation in the booking process. At the very same token – you cannot expect a 150” buck served to you on a silver platter, that’s just not realistic when hunting free range whitetails. At the end of the day, you must find an operation that is not only genuine, but works with you to provide a fair opportunity to fill your tag and conquer your dream.

Three happy hunters thanks to Blue River Outfitters.

My hope is to help guide you in the right direction before throwing your greenbacks into the flames. I want to set the record straight and speak for every hunter in the country stashing their savings for a hunt this fall and give a few outfitters a well-deserved shout out for their relentless ability to deliver incredible hunts year-after-year.


I’ve had the great opportunity to hunt at a place that has not only proved successful for me the last five years, but currently maintains a 100% turkey slaying record and a world-class whitetail rate that’s very near. The birds are plentiful, landscape’s spectacular, and the privilege to hunt side-by-side with a hunting guru is truly a blessing.

My Kansas go-to-guy is David Schotte, owner of Blue River Whitetails. Schotte runs a superb family oriented operation and has been doing a successful job putting his clients on both species year-after-year.

Author with his Blue Rive Buck.

Schotte relies on Moultrie trail cam pictures to scarf big buck activity and insight. As we all know, trail cameras significantly reduce hunter error and keep human pressure and activity at the extreme minimum. This is exactly how Blue River Whitetails is able to provide their big buck hunting clients an unheard of, 70% success rate with a 150” average!

The time and efforts Schotte put toward planting food plots, installing waterholes, building brush blinds, and strategically placing cameras all boiled down to that very moment; his clients grinning behind a set of gnarly antlers.

There truly is no greater feeling than the gift of accomplishment coupled with the fruitful passion of the outdoors. Together, they are a winning combination that defines the pinnacle of a hunter’s success. The fond memories of bonding with great company and waking up to a buffet of wild game is a dream come true.
If you are in search of a place to hunt spring turkey or fall deer; look no further than: Blue River Whitetails