From: Kim Cahalan – Media Direct

Easton Technical Products®, the industry leader in innovative arrows and archery equipment, introduces the Bloodline™ to archers in 2012. The Bloodline gives you all the power you need to take down your game of choice.

Bloodline’s lightweight N-FUSED® construction and low-profile H series diameter combines the ideal balance of high-intensity speed and carbon-structured strength, to create the industry’s first reduced diameter high velocity arrow. H diameter decreases drag, increases kinetic energy density, and improves penetration, while lightweight construction flattens trajectory. The Bloodline is factory crested and comes with a pre-installed red H Nock. The Bloodline has a straightness of ± .003” and includes the HP insert. The HP insert was designed by Easton to provide greater point precision and accuracy than standard RPS inserts. The HP™ insert, Combo Point and RPS Point all fit the Bloodline and are sold separately.

1 H Nock available in red, black, white, yellow, green, orange and blue. 3 HP one-piece point available in 80 or 100 grains.
2 Uses ATA standard RPS screw-in points available in 50-125 grains. 4 Broadhead Adapter Ring (BAR) recommended if required by broadhead design.

For more on the Bloodline go to: Easton

The Bloodline is proudly made in the USA.