Spring is here, with turkey season winding down in most areas, what better way to fill the void between seasons then to grab a bow and hone your skills by bowfishing for fish. There’s plenty of action and plenty of shots to keep you familiar with your equipment and keep you in great bow form.We do several bowfishing trips a month in our outfitting business, Team Struttin’ Ruttin’ & Reelin’. Visit our web site at “TEAMSRR.COM“. And we’re on Facebook too, at Facebook.com/Team-Strutin-Ruttin-Reelin.

We shoot traditoinal style bows as well as compounds. Shooting from an elevated platform helps you to see things better.

For day time hunts, polarized sunglasses are a MUST. When fish are near or at the surface, shoot just under them; but with fish a foot or more under the surface, depending on the depth, you shoot six inches or more under the fish. Alot of shooting and alot of trial and error, you will get there fast, and it’s a BLAST trying!

The wonderful thing about bowfishing for first time archers, is that you will shoot the bow multipule times, and that makes you very familiar with a bow. TEAM SRR prefers the Retriever Pro reel by AMS Bowfishing. We also recommend Innerloc arrows and the Innerloc fishgrapple tip for the arrow. The Innerloc gator grapple is the best gator arrow tip on the planet, we’ve prooven that on our gator hunts.

So keep yourself in great bow form, grab a bowfishing rig and head to the water, sling some arrows, and have a grand time. For great bowhunting actoin please check out TEAMSRR.COM, go to the home page and click on our face book. TEAMSRR preferred bow fishing set up.

Finally, a bow designed for bow fishing! Not just something painted blue with a line and arrow attached to it.

AquaForce is is a real scale buster The first time you draw back the Darton Aquaforce, you’ll notice this isn’t your average compound. This bow reaches its peak weight (adjustable 45# – 55#) early without strain and then lets down to a comfortable weight (20# – 27#) so you can complete the draw cycle (23″ – 29 ½”) with minimum effort.

The string can be comfortably released anytime during the draw cycle with deadly results. This enables you to enjoy hours of shooting with plenty of penetrating power, just what you want when bow fishing. With molded cams, self lubricating bearing and stainless steel axles there isn’t much you can do to this bow while fishing that can cause a bow problem. The only time you would want to adjust the draw length is if you were going to use an arrow shorter than 30″. You would then adjust its draw stop so you can’t overdraw the arrow. The Aquaforce has all the standard mounting holes so all bow fishing accessories easily bolt on.

Visit our web site at “TEAMSRR.COM“. And we’re on Facebook too, at Facebook.com/Team-Strutin-Ruttin-Reelin.