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The next morning was busy again. At 9:00 we heard distant gobbles and listened as they got closer and closer. This time they were close to the fence that separates our woods from a cow pasture. Fred called when we spotted the two gobblers and they hung out and gobbled their brains out. But there was no shot action.

All the calling attracted a big longbeard but he just took a look and went on down the line. We heard more gobbles off and on. Twice we got them in close but they were in the thick cedars and we could not see them.

Later in the afternoon Fred suddenly whispered, “I hear a gobbler spitting and drumming.” The sound continued and finally Fred spoke very quietly, “He is right here. Behind those cedars. I had a direction but I wasn’t sure how far away he was from us, but I figured it out when he fanned up behind the cedars … only 10 yards away with his wing tips singing.


This was a real Kent Daddy longbeard. A big boy all the way. His neck was bright red and his wing tips continued to work the ground, trying to get the attention of Fred’s realistic Dave Smith hen decoy.

This is a view from inside the blind. You can see the cam of Fred’s bow on the left, Kent Daddy in the middle and the decoy on the right.

Kent Daddy whooshed forward and stopped by the decoy. He was getting worked up that this hen would not acknowledge him.

Here is a closer look at the two of them. Look at that beard sticking down.

He turned in our direction and he moved back and forth in his drumming fervor.

This was what I was looking for and I zoomed in tight and covered this big wild turkey king of our turkey woods.

Absolutely beautiful, and fierce as well. He turned a little and drummed some more.

And moved up next to the decoy. Fanned out. Drumming and spitting. His chest out and back feathers up high.

Then he gave us a signal that he might just have enough of this rude, uninterested hen. He pulled his wing tips up off the ground and held them normal.

And dropped his back feathers and began to fold up his fan. Fred was at full draw and I guessed he better get to shooting before Big Boy boogied on us.

Fred saw it too and took his shot. What’s this … what is Fred’s arrow doing flying to the right of the King! (It’s the white blur above Kent Daddy’s right shoulder.

And boogie on he did.

Fred looked at me. “I don’t understand what happened,” he said. “I was on him perfect. And the shot felt good.”





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