The Illinois River has a problem; it’s infested with Silver (Asian) carp and now they are threatening the Great Lakes and Mississippi water basin. Brought over seas and raised in farm ponds several years ago, flooding and high water levels has allowed these invasive fish to escape and take over the waterways.

Not only are they stealing food from the native fish they also cause a threat for passengers in boats. There has been several cases were these fish have jumped into boats causing injury to the driver and passengers. Broken noses, broken jaws and concussions have all been attributed to these 10-20 pound missiles.

Watch as Mathew Schillinger from AMS Bowfishing and Corey Brossman from Innerlocs Outthere travel to Henry Illinois and try their luck at bowfishing for these Silver raindrops. As a bowfishermen if you have never tried this you must put this on the bucket list and help rid these invasive fish from the water ways. Your cheeks will get sore from laughing; your arms will get sore from shooting so much and always keep your head on a swivel.

Watch this exciting video now: Silvers