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Fred and I were still talking about how we didn’t get a shot at the gobbler a few minutes ago when I spotted another red head through the cedar limbs. Fred made a couple of soft yelps and the gobbler walked into view right away.

He let his fan out as he took some steps. Right now he was 35 yards, a further shot than Fred wanted to take. Besides it appeared that he would be coming closer.

A few more steps and he put on the brakes and studied the situation. And saw our decoy.

I put the Nikon Archer’s Choice (rangefinder) on him … 30 yards. He strutted up and spit and dragged his wing tips on the ground.

A few steps closer and he was peeping through the cedar limbs, looking around. This time he ranged 21 yards. I whispered that to Fred. He was already to shoot, he just needed the gobbler to move out from behind the low hanging limbs.

Fred made very soft yelps with his mouth call — our gobbler blasted us with a loud gobble.

The waiting game was on. He watched the decoy. We watched him. A few minutes passed.

Finally he made his move, but not the one we wanted. Instead, he flapped his wings and walked into the cedars and kept going.

Now it was a few minutes after 10:00 and we were just getting started.


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