Rick’s Pick – Grim Reaper Broadheads

By: Rick Philippi

‘Watch’em Drop’™ is how Grim Reaper brands their broadheads. This phrase is supposed to let the buyer know that if you use their broadheads, chances are you’ll be able to watch the animal you make a good shot on, drop. It’s certainly a catchy phrase but I can tell you first hand is also an accurate one.

Last year I took four big game animals with the Grim Reaper Razortip head with the Trocrazor Tip and like the line goes, I watched three of them drop. On all four animals I had a complete pass through with blood trails that looked like a highway road map. I shot the 100 grain (1 3/8”cut) and one of the things I really like, other than the incredible killing power was the way they fly. The expandable Razortip flies exactly like my field tips so the accuracy is nail driver. I also really like the exit hole the Razortip leaves. It opens up a huge bleed channel making a quick bleed out and easy to follow blood trail.

My friend Robert Hoague shoots the Grim Reaper Whitetail Special 2” cut three blade and swears by it. I would be afraid to quote the number of big game animals he has taken with this head but let’s say it’s substantial. Robert has been bowhunting since the 1950’s and his claim is, “The Grim Reaper is the best broadhead I have ever shot!” Robert hunts almost year round for bear, deer, turkey and hogs and the Grim Reaper is what he shoots. Now that is strong.

The Grim Reaper Razortip hit the market in 2000 and literally changed the mechanical broadhead market. One gigantic obstacle that this head overcame is those steep angled and quartering shots and the worry of deflection. All three of the Razortip blades float independently on a tough shock absorbing spring and open without any kick on the arrow. In talking to the pros at Grim Reaper they tell me that in nine years of selling their broadheads they have not had one complaint on their broadheads deflecting at impact. The blades take approximately one pound of pressure to open!

This is what a Grim Reaper did to a turkey.

Grim Reaper has a whole line of broadheads in addition to the two I just mentioned. Each has its own features and benefits to match your personal needs and preferences. What I also like about this company is its only job is the design and manufacturing of their quality broadheads. It is all they do. From my personal experience I can also attest to their phrase, ‘Watch’em Drop’. I think if you try them, you’ll agree too.

For more go to: Grim Reaper Broadheads.

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