Rick’s Pick – Vanguard Optics


By: Rick Philippi

Every time I cross paths with products that I feel will benefit the BHN readers I love to share them. I am excited to tell you the products made by Vanguard are fantastic and are quality. Vanguard is a large global company that is a maker of a variety of products from binoculars, camera bags, tripods, shooting sticks, gun/bow cases, and spotting scopes. Vanguard has had 26 years of experience and expertise and is noted for its quality around the world.

You may be a birdwatcher, photographer, or a hunter. All their accessories will enhance that special moment while in the field. Under strict quality assurance processes all the products that Vanguard put in the field are tested repeatedly under the most extreme conditions to ensure that the products are made and will last for years.

Here is a good example of what I am talking about. All the waterproof and fogproof optics go through a quality assurance test that includes nitrogen charging and being submerged in 36 inches of water for 30 minutes. After this all items are reviewed to ensure it is 100% waterproof and fogproof. After a product passes these tests will it be put on the shelves for the public to purchase.

I have a pair of the Vanguard Spirit ED 1042 binoculars. The Spirit Ed’s light transmission of up to 90% results in a near perfect viewing experience. The clarity of these binoculars is in a league of their own. Last year while in the deer stand I did an extensive field test with these binoculars. I compared them to a top German optic that cost 4 times the amount of the ED’s. I used both pairs in extreme light conditions and low light conditions. To reiterate, I had both pairs with me in the stand and compared them side by side. My conclusion is that I could not tell the difference between the ED’s and the German optics. Now, taking into the consideration the price differential I would say the ED’s are the best investment. I also have one of Vanguard’s spotting scopes and one of their quality bow cases. Both these products are in a league of their own.

For more go to: Vanguard World



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