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As soon as we were certain the gobblers were gone I got out the replacement pads and fuel cylinder for our ThermaCELL. Ours had run totally out … and the mosquitoes were giving us a real pounding. Fred loaded in the blue pad and screwed in a new cylinder and in minutes the mosquitoes backed out of the blind.

Half an hour passed without any wild turkey activity. Then a pair of far off gobbles broke the silence. A minute later they sounded off again, but closer. They continued to gobble occasionally and each time they were closer to us.

The view through the blind's window or the hen decoy.

Fred Lutger yelped with his mouth call and they continued to get closer until they were somewhere in the thick cedar brush of our immediate area. Fred called sparingly and soon we saw them. It was a trio and one held back while the other two moved up the 35 yard, out of range zone.

The brakes went on at 35 yards. Fred called softly and sparingly with a mouth call. They were locked up.

Fred picked up his slate and made some low yelps.

The gobblers were into the slate right away. They gobbled loudly and started walking in our direction, using a low hanging cedar limb for cover.

Two of them stepped into the clear and walked toward our hen decoy.

Both of them walked in unison, left, right, left, like marching solders.

They paused briefly and looked at the decoy.

Just for grins I zoomed in on the head of the lead gobbler. He lookd very cool with his long snoodle and rough face and neck.

A moment later the two gobblers cut a  course toward our decoy.



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