Innovation at its best. A two step process. The 1-inch wide bone chisel blades cut through hair, hide and bone. Then the 2-inch wide virgin sharp cutter blades open inside of the animal. It’s energy conservation… that kills.

There’s an archery revolution. Compound bows are getting faster and faster but with broadheads, what you cut is what you get. Swhacker Broadheads are the answer to the faster bows on the market today. With two separate sets of razor-sharp cutting edges, these expandable broadheads cut through hide, bones and anything else standing between you and that trophy. As for angled shots, look no farther than Swhacker Broadheads. The tip of the broadhead enters the animal well before the wing blades impact. This eliminates cantilevering and deflections as the blades open. Swhacker Broadheads – Opens so fast you can hear the SWHACK!

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