Chameleon Quivers Let You Choose

Bohning® delivers again, combining form, function and style in the CHAMELEON™ quiver. The versatility of the vented dual ‘angle load’ arrow retainers enable you to securely lock all shaft sizes into place, and the slim design of the Chameleon™ keeps it tight to your bow.

Chameleon Mechanical Broadhead Quiver

The high-impact polycarbonate stem provides the STRENGTH of metal WITHOUT THE WEIGHT, and a built-in hook ensures quick hanging and easy storage when the quiver is not in use.

Pick you camo to match you clothes and bow.

Sounds good, right? Well Bohning® takes it further. YOU are the designer, choosing either the 3 or 5 arrow model, and customizing it with a secure yet easily interchangeable camo plate in your pattern of choice to match your gear or surroundings. There is something for everyone in the 8 (yes, 8!) different camo patterns available.

Chameleon 3 Arrow Quiver

Each CHAMELEON™ comes with 1 camo and 1 carbon fiber plate, with additional plates sold separately.

Did we stop there? NO! For those of you that love mechanical broadheads, we offer the Chameleon™ MECHANICAL, designed specifically for you!

Chameleon 5-Arrow Quiver.

This 5-arrow model has all of the features of the original Chameleon™ and is super compact for an extremely small footprint.

Oh, and did we mention that Chameleon™ is proudly made in the USA?
Look no further – only the CHAMELEON™ only by Bohning®.

Get it all, just go here: Bohning Archery

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