Cross Crossbow Cases and Slings

Every soldier knows that when in the field, you’re only as good as your equipment. When the moment of truth arrives, you may only have one shot. For this reason, your crossbow needs to be in top working order at all times. Your trip to and from your hunting location can damage and dirty your bow preventing it from performing at its peak. Cross has provided you with premium crossbows, now protect your bows with Cross’s assortment of cases. And when the trek is long and your body is weary, Cross’s sling helps shoulder the burden.

Cross Premium Case

Cross Premium Case: The Cross Premium case, available in black and Realtree APG™, blends both hard and soft allowing for maximum versatility and protection. This case protects your crossbow in a cushion of the same dense, pliable foam found in Crocs™ Shoes. A hard outer shell with a “living” foam insert protects your scope, while a molded corner protects the cam.

Crossbow Case

Crossbow Case: The soft-sided Crossbow Case not only protects your bow, but provides for easy access to your hunting and shooting accessories. Designed for user comfort and convenience, this case features additional roomy compartments, which are perfect for your quiver, accessory case and more. Attention to detail is evident in its features, such as the padded and removable shoulder strap.

Cross® Crossbow Sling

Cross® Crossbow Sling: In even less than perfect conditions, the Cross® Crossbow Sling offers extreme grip. Made to fit any brand of crossbow, the Cross Crossbow Sling adjusts from 32″ to 40″ and has quick-release clips for ease of use and storage.

For more information, visit them online at: Cross Archery

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