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Before daylight our host Terry dropped Fred and I and our gear off on the hill above the field where we hunted yesterday. I popped the Dark Horse up 16 yards from the right side of the gate and Fred set up the decoys between the blind and the fence. If a gobbler turned right, left or went straight he was clearly in our bow range mix.

Yesterday we had seen several longbeards, hens and Jakes come up  the hill and pass through that gate. I was plenty anxious to get on with this morning bowhunt.

In this picture you can see the gate that the turkeys use to get in the side of the woods Fred and I are hunting. The crop field is also below as is the far side of the field.

As the sun streaked the field with daylight a hen crossed the field and came up the hill through some trees that are a little to the right and therefore not in this picture.

The hen walked under the bottom wire of the gate and looked our decoys over as it walked closer to the blind.

Here is the hen, only two arms lengths away, just doing it’s wild turkey thing.

Woops, the hen stopped and looked directly at us inside the blind.

But it didn’t see or detect any problem and continued on past the decoys and into the woods behind us.

Meanwhile, a big gobbler came into the field and I gave him some yelps on my, almost worn out but still working, Billy Yargus mouth call. The gobbler was interested and gobbled sparingly as it advanced to our side of the field.

He strutted up and showed off. And I noticed a hen coming up the hill in our direction. Right now things were real interesting.

The hen stopped in the shadows and stood motionless behind some of the trees by the fence.

The gobbler went into walking posture and crossed to the bottom of the hill. “Keep on coming,” I’m thinking as I gave him some more Billy Yargus.

Now he was at the edge of a brush pile and walking with a purpose.

But something we couldn’t see pulled the gobbler away. It turned right and walked along the field’s fence, the one that led to where we hunted yesterday.

With the gobbler gone, the hen walked over to the gate.

And one more hen came under the bottom wire and walked by us and on to whatever Mother nature had planned for it this morning.

Down in the field, there was more wild turkey activity. Here are two of the players.

And another. This one has a big pot belly and a nice long beard.

This longbeard gobbler was not interested in coming up the hill. Here he is taking a break in place and picking bugs or whatever in his feathers.

These were the last two gobblers we saw in our area of view. They strutted nicely for us and then went over to where we hunted yesterday.

The turkeys had passed through by 9:00 and Fred and I decided to opt out for breakfast after being turkey less at 10:00. We ate a fine home cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage gravy, bisquits, and home fried potatoes.

Terry can see part of the field from his house and he reported that the main traffic point this morning had been through the gate on the hill above his house. So we zipped out and set up a 4th blind in some trees near that gate.

Afterward we got ready for the afternoon hunt. It was going to be a dandy.



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