DAY ONE CAMOUFLAGE since 1987 has been one the oldest front runners in the camouflage industry. Holding to this image they have designed a new camouflage pattern in the large open pattern format called “WINDOWcamo©.” It is designed to have animals look right through a hunters’ outline to the empty background. WINDOWcamo© is meant to be seen, using bold hard edge colors of black, brown and green/gray fading away from you with a diminishing branch design into empty space.

What game animals are trying to achieve, when they look through the forest or brush is to see if there is a predator lurking within. When looking through WINDOWcamo©, your position is dismissed as safe and the game continues along its path with “Nothing to fear”.

WINDOWcamo© is different from camouflage that creates separate visual planes or covering you up with muted colors, but it directs sight to a three dimensional depth in distance to empty nothingness.

DAY ONE is currently taking orders of WINDOWcamo© in any of their clothing styles in a heavy cotton fabric. Corporate Licensing Agreements are open at this time also. for more please go to: Day One Camouflage or call : 303 761-2070 or toll free: 800 347-2979