By: Tink Jackson

OK, I have to start this review with a confession. I have never been a fan of moveable sights. Tapes, marking tapes and not being able to make a split-second shot based on fixed yardage pins has never been something I wanted to mess with. I do not consider myself to be one of those “set in his ways” guys when it comes to hunting. If I can find a product that is better than what I have, or does something better, I will jump all over it like a fat tick on a lazy dog. I just have never been able to convince myself that something moveable could be as fast and accurate as something I had set and shot over and over and over. Well, after reviewing the HHA Optimizer-Lite Ultra from HHA Sports, I may have to start thinking different.

The technical specifications of the Optimizer-Lite Ultra are as follows:

  •   Weight: 10 oz.
  •   1 5/8” sight housing
  •   5 feet of fiber optic
  •   Accepts Lens Kit B and All HHA Blue Burst Lights
  •   Exclusive mechanical rheostat feature adjusts pin brightness in seconds

HHA Optimizer-Lite Ultra DS-5519 Sight - The Rock Solid Moveable Sight


The Optimizer Lite Ultra Series Sights are constructed from 100% machined aluminum and have a green sight ring, tool-less micro windage adjustment, A.R.M.O.R. Sight Pin Technology, Patented DS-TAPES and Mathews® Harmonic Damper™. The yardage dial allows for rapid adjustment, yard by yard. The components are all solid and well made. Installation onto the bow was a snap, and completed in less than 5 minutes. In no time at all, I was ready to head out to my range at the house and see what this sight could do.

The sight in process was simple. First, I adjusted the rheostat to get the pin brightness that was comfortable. Then, you use the numbered tape that comes on the sight to get started. After about 10-15 shots at 20 yards and a few slight adjustments in windage, I recorded which number corresponded to 20 yards on the tape. Once I found the proper setting for 20 yards, it was time to find the setting for 60. Rather than jump right out to 60, I moved back in 10 yard increments shooting groups of 3 arrows. Once I reached 60 yards, I shot approximately 15 arrows at that range to make sure I had the sight set as close to perfect as possible at 60 yards.

With this part completed, I recorded the number on the tape that corresponded to 60 yards. With the numbers for both 20 and 60 yards in hand, it was time to find the tape that “fit” the bow. The Optimizer-Lite Ultra comes with 52 different color coded tapes. Simply subtract the smaller number (your mark for 20 yards) from the bigger number (your mark for 60 yards) and find the number of the tape that fits the trajectory of your bow.

Once you know which tape to use, you simply peel off the back and place it on the sight, making sure to get the 20 yards mark on the new tape lined up exactly with the mark on the numbered tape that corresponded to 20 yards. For this review, the number 5 was dead on at twenty yards. I laid the 20 yard mark on the new tape directly over the 5 mark on the set-up tape. Once the yardage tape was rolled on and rubbed down to make sure it was secure, we were ready to start testing.

Beginning in 2012, HHA changed their tapes to include marks for shooting out to 80 yards. I shot the bow at every distance on the tape, from 20 to 80 yards. Over several days I continued the test. All-in-all, the accuracy of the sight was excellent. At every distance to 50 yards, the sight provided great accuracy, with consistent groups that centered within 1 inch of the X. Out to 80 yards, 10-ring shots on 3D deer targets were consistently achieved. After days of shooting the Optimizer-Lite Ultra, I would definitely say that I would have full confidence using the sight in any environment, from tournaments to hunting.

We also reviewed a couple of the “extra’s” that can be purchased with the Optimizer-Lite Ultra. The Blue Burst light was a great accessory. The light screws in to the top of the sight housing and can be set to provide different amounts of light on the pins. This accessory would be a great addition for the next “coon shoot” at your local archery tournaments.

Blue Burst Light

The Optimizer-Lite Ultra we reviewed also came with a 4X magnifying lens that attaches to the front of the sight window. I shot the sight both with and without the lens. There is a noticeable difference at distance with the lens attached. The only issue I had with the lens was with keeping it clean. Out here in the desert the wind blows and the dust flies almost all of the time. Dust on the lens will catch sunlight and make seeing through it difficult at times.

HHA Lens Kit for Optimizer-Lite Ultra

Overall, I would definitely recommend the HHA Optimizer-Lite Ultra to everyone that prefers a moveable sight. It is superbly constructed and deadly accurate. Further, I would highly suggest that those of you like me that do not use a moveable sight give it a try. After shooting it through the test, I am beginning to believe that the extra accuracy provided by being able to set the pin for the exact yardage of your target will outweigh the extra second or two that it takes to move the pin. This is a very high quality product from HHA, as proven by this review and the number of awards this sight has won!

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