By: Marc AnthonyNon Typical Hunter

Today hunters are using ground blinds more than ever when hunting deer and turkey across the U.S. After purchasing the blind, the next obvious piece of equipment comes the chair! You wouldn’t think a chair would be on your list of products to contemplate, but when you think about it, it’s one tool that could make or break your hunting success for the day.

Placing a lot of thought into a product that will keep you comfortable for hours and yet maneuverable enough without noise to make a decent shot, doesn’t come easy. Many man hours of design are dedicated and implemented on paper and in the shop, only to be improved upon the following year. It’s a never ending refinement, much like the dross being removed from silver. In the end, the consumer doesn’t have to worry about a squeak here, or fumbling around there, when it comes time to concentrate on their game. Many times when a product is well designed, the consumer won’t give the product a second thought, and that’s a good thing! It’s when something goes awry when you actually realize your device is worth noticing.

You'll Hunt More with the The HuntMore 360º Chair

We tested the HuntMore 360 chair and found it to be a great chair and a product that should be looked at by the consumer! We tested the assembly, the breakdown, the comfort, the usefulness, stability and the ergonomics of this chair and found it to be a well designed chair for anyone looking for a piece of equipment that’s easy to shoot from (bow or gun), easy to assemble and quiet in operation.

The HuntMore 360º Chair is so easy to transport and store, it collapses down to a tight package.

One feature of the chair I especially like are the wide feet. This chair is exceptionally good on soft ground because of the wide base that keeps you from sinking in grass or dirt platforms. Another thing I really like is the adjustable legs! How many times have you lugged a chair outdoors only to scour the ground for a flat piece of ground to place the chair on? With this chair, you can basically pick a spot, adjust the legs, and in no time you’re sitting on a level chair anchored to an uneven surface.

For Video of the HuntMore 360º Chair in Action: CLICK HERE

For those of you who hunt from the ground without a blind, you now have a chair that folds up and can be carried in its own bag, to your favorite site. With the addition of a camouflaged apron of some sort, your setup now becomes incognito. The chair also allows you to sit in it for a great length of time without fatigue thus reducing that feeling of wanting to leave earlier than desired. The bottom line: It’s a great asset to your ground game!

If you’re a fisherman, camper, concert goer, sports fan take note! This is chair for the whole family to enjoy.

The Non Typical Hunting crew all give this chair a “Thumbs up”! I could go on and on about the technical features related to this chair, but I’ll leave that the folks at HuntMore.

You can visit their website at: HuntMore

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