Do you want to bowfish or do you want to waste time untangling your line and messing with the reel?

If you want to spend your time FISHING, then the new MUDCAT™ Bowfishing Reel by Bohning® is what you need on your bow.

From quick installation to reeling in the big catch, MUDCAT™ keeps your focus where it needs to be – on the water!

The MUDCAT™ reel is easier to install than its predecessors, thanks to a countersunk hex nut. Time-consuming tangles and hang-ups are a thing of the past with the MUDCAT”s innovative Line Drag Reduction System that allows your line to strip effortlessly from the spool. The special Line Clip ensures easy retention on the spool and rubber retainers conveniently store the arrow when not in use. The MUDCAT™ Bowfishing Reel also comes with mounting hardware and 50 feet of 80# braided nylon line.

Get a MUDCAT™ …and get FISHING!

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