“Wet it, hang it and forget it” is not only the Mineral Mizer Bag’s motto, it’s the truth. Now you can rest at ease knowing that throughout the summer, spring, winter and fall, there is a product that will nourish the deer on your property and keep them coming back for more.

The Mineral Mizer Bag was created to dispense mineral nutrients and attract wildlife for a solid year. Hunters and land managers are busy. They simply don’t have the time to waste on the old-school, inefficient methods of distributing mineral and nutritional supplements to their wildlife, nor can they afford to neglect such a precious resource. Thanks to the Mineral Mizer Bag, there is an easier way.

The Mineral Mizer bag is easy to set up and refill with your mineral of choice, making it a must-have year-round. Due to its moisture activation, the bag releases fresh minerals on the ground, providing a constant supply of nutrients to deer and other game for an entire year. This design eliminates the need to make frequent trips to the area to refill the mineral, which causes you to contaminate the area with human scent.

In addition, this porous, UV-resistant, strong geotextile bag can withstand years of abuse without showing signs of wear or corrosion. Forget the mineral blocks that can be rooted and rolled away by hogs and other wildlife. The Mineral Mizer Bag can be hung anywhere, regardless of the terrain and soil, and at an elevation of your choice.

The ground lick is constantly refreshed by the continual drip. Deer seem to find it and the built-in lick at the base irresistible. The Mineral Mizer Bag is low maintenance and basically a guaranteed comeback spot for Mr. Big Rack. Purchase and place a Mineral Mizer Bag or two near your favorite locations. You’ll thank yourself come fall.

For more information visit them online at www.mineralmizer.com.