IMB Outfitters Partners with Boss Buck Feeders and Nutra Deer Feeds and Announces a Massive Supplemental Deer Feed and Mineral Program

IMB Outfitters in conjunction with Boss Buck Feeders and Nutra Deer Feeds is setting the stage for their clients, by implementing a revolutionary, supplemental feed and mineral program on their Midwest properties. This huge endeavor will take place in four states, benefiting hundreds of whitetail deer on thousands of acres. After exploratory research, IMB has acquired 20, Boss Buck 600-pound free-choice deer feeders, tons of Nutra Deer minerals, and will be purchasing semi-loads of Nutra Deer’s 20-percent protein deer feed in 2012.

IMB’s goal with their new supplemental feeding program is defined and very clear: “We wanted healthier deer herds and a higher-quality hunt for our clients,” said IMB owner, Darrin Bradley. “Our investment in herd health will pay off in the extra growth of our trophy whitetail bucks, and will be second to none in the Midwest. This type of supplemental feeding program is only rivaled by a few of the well established, elite hunting ranches in Texas.”

To accomplish our new goals, we began networking with two cutting-edge industry leaders in supplemental feeding: Boss Buck Feeders and Nutra Deer Feeds. This duo stood out above the crowd when we researched a supplemental feeding program. This new and exciting service will pay off big in the months and years to come. We are investing more resources into our wild deer herds than any other outfitter in the Midwest, while providing our clients with another edge in their quests to harvest a trophy whitetail deer.

Managers and guides at IMB Outfitters have consulted with owner Jeff Williams at Nutra Deer, and Tom Boyer of Boss Buck Deer Feeders to produce maximum results. Tom and Jeff’s expertise is second to none and helped IMB make well-informed decisions

“There is another reason why IMB is ready to move forward with feeders and supplements,” said Bradley. “After implementing our program we will have an edge over every neighboring landowner, and other every outfitter in the Midwest that are not using products like these.” For more information go to: IMB Outfitters

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