After ordering it, I waited a week for my new Darton DS 3800 compound bow. When it arrived, I took it out of the box, looked it over, and I was very impressed. I received the bow from Kevin Lopez at Gator Guns & Archery Pro Shop located in Arcadia, FL. Kevin went to setting the bow up.

Over the years, as the head of www.TeamSRR.Com  I’ve had the opportunity to shoot several top name brand bows. The line of work that I am in gives me that opportunity, so I have shot some fine shooting bows.

The anticipation was killing me. Finally the moment of truth, I was ready to shoot my new Darton DS 3800.

The moment I drew the bow I knew this was the real deal, very smooth draw, perfect valley, and zero hand shock. I shot the DS 3800 — backing up each shot until finally reaching 35 yards. Zero to 35 yards on the same pin … that’s FLAT! FLAT, FLAT, FLAT shooting.

You’ve got to try one of these bows, I was pumped! Smooth draw? No shock? Annnddd a screamer? I was impressed!! Like I said, I have shot many of the top name brand bows and this bow shot every bit as good if not better! I challenge you to shoot the Darton DS 3800 before you make your final decision on your purchase of a new bow. This is a no gadgets, built to hunt, bow.

My Final Summary:

The Darton DS 3800 is one of the best choices for the majority of serious bow hunters and or 3D shooters. A no compromise bow with speed to burn, the speed this bow is capable of makes judging distance a less critical part of the equation.

With the Darton DS 3800 I can drop down in bow weight and still shoot the same arrows faster and flatter.

One of the main features that I find, that sets the DS 3800 apart from the rest of the crowd, is its shootimg ability; with its ultra-smooth draw cycle, forgiving valley and dampened shooting characteristics. Darton Archery has truly created a muscle bow with manners.

That’s why Darton Archery is built to hunt. Go with the one who knows archery and bowhunting, with over 60 years of archery experience and innovation. Hey, you can’t top that!