The RIBZ Frontpack is an innovative new complement to be used with a backpack, the perfect solution for the outdoorsman who wants essential gear in a fast and easy to reach location.

Capable of carrying more than 700 cubic inches of gear, RIBZ fits comfortably and securely around the user’s ribcage, positioning the contents so that they do not impede torso or arm movement and can be accessed from the front. Designed to work with any backpack or independently, RIBZ allow important items to be moved forward to a readily accessible location.

The re-distribution of weight allows for increased comfort, balance and mobility. Five external zippered pockets, and four additional internal pockets provide plenty of storage options. The shoulder straps of the RIBZ Frontpack are extra-wide, heavy-duty nylon, designed to evenly distribute the weight, yet remain comfortable when wearing with an additional backpack. The back of the RIBZ pack consists of 1 adjustable nylon stabilizer that adjusts to the largest and smallest of sizes.

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