Jerry Smith, President of Goat Tuff Products has just designed and introduced the most innovative, easy to use bow carrier that I have ever seen. It is called the GT’ CLAW. The CLAW is made of steel  with a tough powder finish and rubber coated hook tips to help protecting your bow finish.  It’s worn comfortably on your belt and is light as a feather but super strong so it should last you for years of use in the field.

To use, you simply insert the bow handle between the opposing rubber coated hooks and rotate it into the capture position where it secures the bow. Not only is your bow’s weight distributed evenly but the CLAW keeps it out of your way. Now you are ready to hunt without having to lug your bow or worry about it bouncing all over the place.

Simple to load, place between Hooks and Rotate into Capture.

Locked and Loaded.

The CLAW keeps your bow securely in place, comfortably at your side so you can move, twist, kneel, climb hills, bend, step over objects and even sit and importantly, it allows you to keep both of your hands free. The GT’ CLAW also makes bow removal quick and easy; you simply grasp the bow handle and reverse the rotation. One simple rotation and your bow is ready to shoot.

As I noted, when your bow is secured in this bow carrier, it will not bounce around creating distraction, noise or discomfort. The CLAW is perfect for walking in the woods or range. If you have a longer walk to your stand, still hunt, need to carry other items into the hunting area or shoot target or 3D you’ll want to get a CLAW. It’s offered in right or left hand, retails for about $26 and is made in the good old’ USA.

Jump out to the Goat Tuff web-site and check out the CLAW and all their other innovative products like their superior line of Archery Glues, Arrow Cleaning products, Opti-Vanes and the Release Aid that is turning heads everywhere, the Equalizer. Goat Tuff Products owner Jerry Smith is an industry icon as well as a bowhunter and takes his hunting and his products seriously. All Goat Tuff products are field tested extensively before hitting the market place and it shows.

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