Sounds of the Wild Turkey

The Slate Over Aluminum Pot Call:
Here at Millcreek Valley Game Calls we are excited to introduce the slate over aluminum potcall. This call has the sound that has real turkey talk coming out of it. The sound is so real and life like, that turkeys will be running over you this spring and fall, This is a definite must have call for your turkey vest.
Price $34.95

The Turkey Reaper Call Can:
Millcreek Valley Game Calls has been thinking about this can for many years and has finally perfected it. It keeps the dirt, pocket lint from inside your turkey vest, and air out in order to keep your mouth calls in perfect condition. It will hold up to atleast 10 mouth calls. Once you carry your calls in this can, you won’t want to use anything else.
Price $ 3.99

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