Morrell Targets have a name for themselves with innovative designs, stunning graphics and incredible durability. They seem to just keep doing what the do best and for archers everywhere – that’s just what they need to do.

The old saying goes….”If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. The Super Duper by Morrell continues its legacy of being the front runner in long lasting durability, functionality that works, good looks and overall, a heavy duty target.

Super Duper Side 'A'

Super Duper Side 'B'

This year we revamped the graphics. We made the deer with a more lifelike look for that realistic practice on vitals. We also changed a few colors but kept the interior that same heavy duty, with that long lasting ability that archers around the globe have come to expect and love.

We make practice easy with Two finger arrow removal, an easy tote handle, 100% weatherproof, IFS system, Nucleus Center and our well backed 2-Year Warranty all are characteristics that will make the Super Duper by Morrell a favorite for many years to come.

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