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Fred stepped through the opening in the blind first and I followed.

Fred found his arrow. It had turkey feathers and blood on it, but that didn’t matter, the gobbler was laying in the grass a few yards ahead.

Talk about going down on the run, the gobbler fell face down in the grass and his legs were sticking up.

Here is Fred Lutger with the first gobbler of our Nebraska bowhunt. A big, 15 pound plus, thick bearded longbeard. And it was an Eastern. Now all Fred needs is a Merriam’s and he has Grand Slam for the Spring of 2012. (And he has two more Nebraska turkey tags to use to get it down.)



Broadhead: Grim Reaper Whitetail Special

Fred used the Grim Reaper Whitetail Special and it put the gobbler down in 60 steps. He literally fell on his head and was DOA. This broadhead should be called Grim Reaper “whitetail, bear and turkey killer.” It is a perfect all around head to get the job done. This broadhead makes a massive 2 inch cut that does maximum damage entering, exiting and everything in-between. Being an expandable head it flies like my field points. It comes packaged with a practice head and I checked my sights with it before I went into the Nebraska woods on my first hunt. To Grim Reaper

Turkey Calls: Hendershot Call Company

This year, Shane Hendershot has his own turkey call company. Give his calls a try. They are working great for Fred this year. To Hendershot Calls

Blind: Primos Dark Horse

If you are going to turkey hunt with a bow consider a ground blind to increase your opportunity for success. The Dark Horse pop up ground blind is black on the inside and allows adjustments to the windows for shooting. If you video your hunts this is the blind to use. It is easy to adjust the window openings for videoing. To Primos Blinds

Release: Tru-Fire Hardcore Black Buckle Foldback Max

In Fred’s words, “I really like this new Tru-Fire release. The first thing I noticed about this release was it’s deep jaw. I like this feature for loop shooting. It is very quick loading for hunting. The deeper loop prevents slip offs too. The strap also caught my eye. It is thicker, wider, and build heavy duty. I like heavy duty. That’s a feature I like on all my hunting equipment.”  To Tru-Fire

Bow: PSE Pro Series X-Force

I set this bow up for deer season last year and it is the perfect choice for turkey hunting. It is fast and has a very flat trajectory. It is all black with black accessories. Sitting in the blind this bow disappears. It is easy and smooth drawing from a sitting position. To PSE

Back Pack: Blacks Creek G7 Day Pack

In Fred’s own words:  “I use the G7 Day Pack. It is large enough to fit my cameras, tripod, binoculars, calls, extra jacket, ThermaCELL, water bottle and lunch. At first I wasn’t keen on all the extra pockets this pack has. However, I found a good use for each pocket and now know right where to go for what I need. To Blacks Creek

Arrows: Carbon Express

Fred has shot Carbon Express since their first arrow left the factory. The results show up on the range and in the field. Every wild turkey Fred has killed has been with a Carbon Express arrow. To Carbon Express

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Grim Reaper Broadheads
Grim Reaper Broadheads
Designed for enhanced penetration. Watch ‘Em Drop with Grim Reaper’s tough and accurate mechanical and fixed blade broadheads.

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