BIGshot Targets new Ballistic X-Box crossbow practice target.

In their continuing effort to bring value and performance to shooters everywhere, BIGshot Targets is proud to introduce the Ballistic X-Box crossbow target. The Ballistic X-Box target is built to withstand thousands of shots from today’s high powered crossbows even when using the new, hard to stop, small diameter crossbows arrows.

With the custom developed, self healing, Armor Plus mesh covering all shooting surfaces front and back and high tech bundled fibers generating the tremendous stopping power BIGshot has created the ultimate crossbow target for daily use. Easy two finger arrow removal makes an afternoon of shooting much more enjoyable whether shooting at the precision aiming dots on side one or the deer vitals on side two.

A fortified exterior maintains the high compression levels needed to give the Ballistic X-Box its stopping power and provides a flat stable surface so you can place the target wherever you need it without fear of it tipping over and damaging your arrows. Of course with all this stopping power and ease of pull the Ballistic X-Box makes a fantastic target for your compound arrows as well


  • 18” x 18” x 10”
  • Rated for 400+ fps
  • Armor Plus mesh facing
  • Two finger arrow removal
  • Aiming dots on one side, vitals on the other
  • Solid and stable, 34 lbs

Suggested Retail Starting at $89.95


BIGshot Targets new Transformer v1.0, the world’s first tunable archery target.

Hot on the heels of its success with the Ballistic line of bag targets, BIGshot Targets is pleased to introduce the BIGshot Transformer v1.0 ™; a broadhead target that will meet the needs of every archer. The most versatile target ever produced the BIGshot Transformer v1.0 ™ allows the archer to adjust the ease of pull or stopping power in the field according to their own preference. Plus, testing has shown that the Transformer v1.0 will absorb up to five times more shots than the leading brand of broadhead target.

They key to BIGshot Transformer v1.0™ versatility is the replaceable Selectafoam™M inserts which come in various densities and with various dot patterns. The archer can use softer inserts up front for arrows with less kinetic energy and firmer inserts for harder hitting set ups. Mix and match these inserts until you have the penetration you desire. The Transformer v1.0 comes with multiple inserts of each density so you can find the perfect combination.

To add even greater value, the replaceable Selectafoam™ inserts can be purchased individually to easily rebuild your Transformer v1.0 bringing it back to almost new for a fraction the cost of replacing the entire target. Assorted faces, including Deer Vitals, Dozen Dots and Archery Baseball are available to keep your shooting interesting.


  • 18”x18”x18”
  • 9 replaceable Selectafoam inserts
  • Tunable for penetration and ease of pull

Suggested Retail $119.95

For information on the Ballistic X-Box target or other great BIGshot Targets, or to become a dealer, please go to: BIGshot Targets
BIGshot Targets has been producing ultra high quality archery targets in Downingtown, PA for nearly 10 years and continues to bring innovative products to the target market each year