Venison or Beef Stew

I wanted to share this recipe with you but the only venison I have left is ground until hunting season. So I have used beef. It is what I use when I am out of venison stew beef or roast. I buy beef roast on sale… the cheapest I can get. If you get beef stew or stew beef already cut up then you are going to pay more for it. If you cook it this way, it will be fork tender. Remember, I use the same methods for cooking my venison roast and venison stew as I do the beef.

It is easiest to slice up your roast if it is still a little icy. I always try to slice mine up in bite size pieces so it will be extra tender.

Usually I slice the roast into strips and go back and slice up each strip but everyone will have their own method of slicing.

Here you can see how I slice a strip into smaller strips and finally bite size pieces. Also, I trim off the fat as I cut up the roast.

The last part of the roast to go into the pot.

Add just a very little olive oil to pot and brown the beef stew or venison with two bouillon beef cubes and steak seasoning (2 Tablespoons or more if you like).

Cover meat with water and bring to a boil, then simmer for two to three hours depending on size of meat.

Two hours after simmering… mine is fork tender.

We like ours with just a broth but you can add flour or corn starch to make it thicken so it will be more like a gravy.

For supper, we had stew beef over rice and corn. This is how my Mom cooked stew beef. I think of her when I cook this meal. If I could only get my biscuits to turn out like hers…

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