From: Aaron McCaleb – Source Marketing Group

With top-quality ingredients and integrated multiple protein sources, the Wildwood Genetics Delta Whitetail Hi-Pro 18% Pellets are essential for proper nutrition and growth of whitetails.

Fortified with vitamins and minerals, the pellets include multiple protein sources to ensure ample rumen-degradable and un-degradable (bypass) protein levels. These protein sources cater to different stress levels and nutrient requirements of whitetails that may fluctuate throughout the year. The feed pellets are designed to be given year-round, so you can rely on Delta Whitetail Hi-Pro feed to give your deer exactly what they need.

Made from the highest-quality ingredients, Delta Whitetail Hi-Pro feed is proven to provide all of the necessary nutrients needed for healthier bucks, maximum antler growth and heavier fawn birth weights.

If your looking for an all-round protein feed for the whitetails on your land, you can trust that these Delta Whitetail Hi-Pro 18% Pellets are everything you need.

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