X-Press Bow Press

Serious archery shooters know the importance of using a good bow press to work on their compound bows. X-Press is pleased to announce the introduction of a new Archer Model specifically designed for those archery enthusiasts. Similar to the Pro Model but without all the speed-adjustment features required in an archery shop, the Archer Model was designed to work on all vertical bows and crossbows, including those with parallel limbs. The new X-Press Archer Model is extremely safe, simple to set up and very easy to use.

The Archer Model was uniquely designed to compress the limbs in a natural arc, while putting less stress on the bow riser. With its numbered and lockable riser-support, numbered X-Arm adjustment bars and red-anodized aluminum press wheels, the X-Press Archer can be set up for quick and even adjustment from side to side in a matter of minutes.

The X-Press Archer’s padded shelves support the bow’s riser, and the Safety Lock System’s clamps hold the bow securely in place during the adjustment process. Once you lock your bow into position, simply turn the center press wheel to compress the bow.

Now, replacing a string, putting on a peep or even a new cam is easier than ever with the X-Press Archer bow press, and you can do it all in the comfort of your own home or shop.

This new unique bow press will be available at retailers nationwide for $699.

For detailed information on the X-Press Archer and the other X-Press products, visit the website at www.xpressbowpress.com

or call 715-395-9955.

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