BioLogic food-plot Seed Company has just introduced BioRock. This all natural mineral supplement will attract whitetail and help your herd reach their full potential. Minerals play a huge role in a whitetail’s health, body dimensions and antler size. BioRock contains over 50 minerals including ones vital to massive antler growth like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sulfur.

Along with the protein provided by your food plots it is also important to have “bone growing” minerals available to your herd. BioLogic’s NEW BioRock will provide your herd with the necessary ingredients for great antler growth and optimal herd health. Al Cheatham, President of BioLogic says “BioLogic searched the globe for a natural source for these ingredients and they’ve found the perfect combination in BioRock. BioLogic is the only source for this product in the entire country and sales are going to be big.”

Minerals play a huge role in deer body mass and antler size. Mature deer antlers contain up to 11 different minerals; and two of these, calcium and phosphorus, make up about 33% of total antler weight. Some believe that to a certain degree the amount of phosphorus in a deer’s diet is directly related to its body size. BioRock’s large 8 lb size provides ample amounts of minerals that are vital nutrients for deer health and antler growth. Whitetails find it fast and intake ample amounts of these nutrients because of BioRock’s all natural composition.

Simply set BioRock out on a stump or level, well drained surface, preferably near an area of deer traffic, and watch the results. BioRock is perfect for hunting, observing, for use with trail cameras or for helping your herd reach their maximum health and antler growth.

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