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By: Frank Addington, Jr

Anyone that knows me will tell you I love Texas. Whether doing an archery exhibition at a big EXPO or sportshow, performing for Coach Mack Brown and the University of Texas Longhorns, the Earl Campbell Gala, or bowhunting on the legendary King Ranch in South Texas I do enjoy the Lone Star State very much. The food, weather and folks there are great.

Frank with Legendary Coach Mac Brown.


Recently I got to be back in Texas for the 3rd Annual Texas Great Outdoor Expo in Midland, Texas on May 11-13, 2012. West Texas is big, wide open country and the people there are great. I had two great sidekicks at this venue, Dave Lopez and Richard Garza. They do sound and lighting and the stage was set up perfectly when I arrived at the venue. Richard tossed targets for me last year so we had worked together before.

I did an early morning appearance in studio at a local TV station to promote the show. I do a lot of TV in a year’s time and I love talking about archery for the media. Archery is having a great year this year due to all the attention archery is having in movies this summer. I have seen lots of interest in our sport from old and young alike thanks to these movies.

I did five exhibitions during the three day show. Most readers know that I do a 30-40 minute instinctive archery exhibition and shoot my Hoyt recurve bow behind my back. I have been doing a 3 baby aspirin shot with three arrows, and this is a tough shot.

Richard had the tossing target job down pat and I ended up doing two or three first show shows on the baby aspirin shot. I will often also try and hit three mustard seeds tossed into mid air too, and I bring up volunteers from the audience to help spot the mustard seeds and verify the hit. Saturday night Richard tossed the three baby aspirin up and I nailed them first shot! Then we got the mustard seed shot set up and had volunteers on stage and I hit the mustard seeds first try too.

Frank performing for the Texas Football Team.

After the show I talked to some folks and then my old friend Perry Williams, a famous cowboy poet from Lubbock, Texas and I went over to KD’s BBQ for some of the best Texas BBQ you’ll find. A great way to end a good day.

The Silver Spur group does a great job with this event. They are great folks! I really appreciate Dave and Richard’s help, they kept the show rolling and looking good all weekend. If you are a vendor and are interested, you can read more about their shows on their website. It’s located at: Silver Spur Trade Show.  It was a huge honor for me to be back in Texas. I always enjoy an ice cold Dr Pepper, Whataburger and some Blue Bell ice cream when my travels take me “Deep in the heart of Texas…”

That’s the latest my friends, so until next time, Adios & God Bless.

Shoot Straight,
Frank Addington, Jr.

The Aspirinbuster