By: Tink Jackson

Archery hunters have to take every advantage they can get. From camo to scent control and everything in between, we need all the help we can muster to get close enough to make our shots.  One of the greatest tools placed on the market to help in recent history is the ground blind. Of course, as with every other useful tool that has come along, there are now many different variations as well. In this series of reviews, I have been discussing some of the full size ground blinds that we used over the winter on our New Mexico deer hunt. The next full-sized blind that we reviewed was the Ameristep Carnivore Hub Style Hunting Blind.

Ameristep Carnivore Hub Style Hunting Blind

The technical specs:

  • Model: #3286 Realtree® AP™ Camo
  • Poly-Cotton Blend™ Fabric
  • Quick and Easy Setup/Takedown
  • Shoot-Thru Mesh
  • Stakes & High Wind Tie-Downs
  • Custom Backpack
  • Pack dimensions: 9” x 47”
  • Weighs approx. 22 lbs.


In reviewing the blinds, we looked at the following traits of each blind:

  • Window Configuration/Style/Ease of Use
  • Door Configuration
  • Construction
  • Size and Weight
  • Camo Patterns Available
  • Other Components
  • Costs

Windows – – Let’s face it, those of us that use ground blinds know that the biggest issue with some of the blinds on the market is the windows. What size are they and how are they placed? Are they easy to open, close? Are they noisy? Can we switch which windows are open quickly and quietly? Well, we finally found the PERFECT window set up in a ground blind. Are you a 360 kind of hunter? The front and left side of the Carnivore are set up with the 360 style windows.

Front and Left Side of Blind with 360 Style Windows

However, if you are a hunter that prefers a big center window with a wing window on each side of it, then the right side and back of the blind will fit your liking.

The best of all worlds! With the Carnivore, no matter what the situation requires, you have the window configuration for it. Not only is the window configuration perfect, but the window construction is out of this world. All mesh and black out window are zippered on the sides and sewn on the bottom. Now wait, zippers are noisy and that is not good. Ameristep has fixed this problem by placing magnets in the windows that allow you to raise or lower them without using the zippers while hunting and without a sound!

Window Magnets for Quiet Opening and Closing

If you prefer to use the 360 style side of the blind, the black out windows are split in the middle and sewn top and bottom, allowing you to raise or lower the tops and bottoms to create a wrap around window to the size you prefer. When these windows are closed, they are hooked together with nice quiet magnets as well that close them tightly and keep all of the light out! Can I get an Amen!

I really cannot say enough about the window configuration of this blind. It is the best in the industry!

Door – – The door on the Carnivore is a triangle shaped door located on the back of the blind. The door is cut out of one of the panels and has top and bottom top quality zippers. I prefer this style of door as opposed to the doors that are along one of the back edges. The door closes all of the way and you do not have the issue of not being able to get it to zip all of the way to the bottom. The blinds that have the corner zippers when tied down always seems to not zip quite all of the way, which always leads to some light getting into the blind. It takes very little light behind you to allow an animal to see you move in the blind. The door also features a wing window to give you the full three window opportunity out of the back of the blind. Once again, another component that is superior to all.

V-Cut Door in Back of Blind Complete with Shooters Window

Construction – The Carnivore is constructed with lightweight steel hubs and fiberglass poles that provide durable construction and low weight to strength ratio. The Carnivore features Ameristep’s new durable poly-cotton blend outer shell and ground skirt that helps keep elements and light out.  The poly-cotton outer shell also significantly reduces noise and sheen and the ground skirt helps keep scent in and critters out! The seams are well sewn, windows are sewn in, and the zippers are heavy weight zippers. The shoot through mesh windows are attached with full length heavy duty zippers on all sides providing reliable, noise-free hold. The construction of the blind is far better than expected. There is no doubt that this blind sets a new industry standard in quality and durability!

High Quality Zippers Around All Mesh Windows

Large, Noise Free Dust/Element Skirt

Size and Weight – The Carnivore measures 74 inches hub to hub and has a 64 inch maximum center height, providing more than enough room for you and your gear, or for you and another hunter. The blind weighs 22 pounds, making it slightly heavier than most other blinds on the market. The reason for the extra weight is obvious in this blind, every extra pound equates to infinite more quality! The blind comes with the best carrying bag on the market as well, with padded adjustable shoulder straps for transport, dual side straps for gear and bow/gun carrying attachment, and ground stakes. The size is great and the weight is no real issue for all of the extra quality you get with the Carnivore!

Best Bag on the Market!

Camo Patterns – For all the diehards out there, the Carnivore comes in the Realtree AP camo pattern. This pattern is a proven winner in all applications.

Realtree AP Camo Pattern

Other Components
– As stated, the Carnivore comes with the best backpack style bag on the market with padded adjustable straps and dual side straps for gear and bow/gun carrying attachment. There are a series of double sewn loops all the way around the outside of the blind for brushing it in.

Double Sewn Brush Loops

Each hub has a steel eye loop for tying the blind down, which also has a full pull strap attached to it, making the task of popping the blind up a real treat.

Pull Handles for Popping Up Blind

The Carnivore also comes with a full zip in floor for reducing scent, dust and cold. The floor is heavy weight and pretty darn quiet compared to other floors on the market.

Dust Flap and Floor Zipper Track on Inside of Blind

Costs– The Ameristep website lists the Carnivore at $379.99. Just looking at some of the costs of other blinds on the market that might seem a little high. My grandfather once told me “quality does not come cheap, and always remember you get just what you pay for”. The Carnivore is the epitome of that statement. There is no doubt in my mind that this blind is well worth the selling price.

Overall, we would highly recommend the Ameristep Carnivore to anyone looking for the absolute best hub style blind on the market. In all areas, this blind far exceeded our expectations. The Carnivore is by far the best hub style blind we have ever used!

For more information please visit Ameristep or shop through Amazon below!