By: Tink Jackson

Why Didn’t I Think Of This?
How many times have we all been walking down a trail headed to our favorite blind or tree stand and realized that something we needed right now was actually in our pack on our back? How many of us have, after experiencing this same problem on numerous occasions, overstuffed our pockets to the point that we could hardly walk? Well, that is not an issue any longer. The Ribz Front Pack can be used to carry almost anything that you need in those situations, and keep it right at your finger tips!

The technical specifications of the Ribz Front Pack are as follows:
• Made of 210d water resistant ripstop nylon
• Weighs approximately 9 ounces
• All components are water resistant
• Average storage capacity is between 600 and 800 cubic inches
• Comfortably carry up to 10 pounds in Front Pack
• Reduces stress on your back and shoulders by “balancing” your load

Ribz Front Pack

We used the Ribz Front Pack during the fall hunts here in New Mexico. Right out of the package, and with a few simple adjustments, the pack was ready to load and use. All of our necessary gear including GPS units, releases, camo masks and gloves, keys to trail camera locks, calls, Scent Control bottle, water bottle, camera, keys, snacks, bow string wax, flashlights … well, basically, everything that once was in our fanny packs was now if the front pack, right at our finger tips.

800 Cubic Inches of Carrying Capacity

The obvious question that most would have is “does it not get in the way?” The answer is absolutely not. We used the pack in numerous situations. It never once interfered with drawing or shooting my bow. Of course, I did shoot with it on as I practiced for the fall hunts so I could get use to it as well.

The Front Pack has one huge zippered pocket on each side; big enough to fit just about anything you would want to carry. It also has two smaller additional pockets on your left hand side and one more on the right. The black nylon straps are wide enough to be comfortable, and the zippers and buckles are good quality and should withstand aggressive use. The pack came in MothWing camo and blended in well in all surroundings, and the ripstop nylon is as quiet as can be. The pack was also very comfortable to carry.

Zippered Pockets on Left Side

I seem to find new uses for the pack each trip. Besides the obvious advantage to being able to wear it along with a daypack and carry more gear, you will find that it provides many other conveniences. Hauling someone around with you on your 4-wheeler?

With the Front Pack, you won’t have to be taking your pack on and off each time to give them room behind you. Checking dozens of trail cameras a day? Have your card reader, replacement cards, batteries and locks and keys right in front of you easily accessed as you stand on your head to get to the cameras. Packing in blinds? Carry all of your tie downs and other items in front while you pack the blind on your back. You will find a million uses for the Front Pack!

Stores in Handy Stuff Sack

Overall, we would highly recommend the Ribz Front Pack to anyone and everyone. This is a high quality item with a great amount of utility on your hunts, not to mention while fishing, hiking or running a trap line.

For more go to: Ribz Wear