Clean-Shot® Archery has brought their innovative laser technology and a whole new meaning to the term ‘Tough’ to the new HOGZILLA KILLA Laser Broadhead.

Clean-Shot® Archery’s ‘HOGZILLA KILLA’ Laser Broadhead

Larry Bay, Clean-Shot® Archery Founder/CEO made the announcement; “We have combined the best of Spot-On® Laser technology into our new HOGZILLA KILLA Laser Broadhead. The internal laser automatically activates when the archer comes to full draw with a bow mounted magnet. The broadhead is factory set for a 30 yard shot with a 300 ft/sec IBO speed. It is easily adjustable for any equipment. The broadhead features our patented Hollow Point Tip which produces amazing penetration that tears through tough hog hide. The red laser is most visible in lower light conditions and so it is perfect for night hog hunting when regular peep sights become infective. Never before has hog hunting been this fun!”

Bowhunter Rick Philippi uses the Hogzilla Killa on this boar with expected, final results.

The Laser HOGZILLA KILLA is Made in the USA. Each pack of two heads comes with everything you need to make either a 125 or 150 grain head. MSRP: $99.99

HOGZILLA KILLA, the perfect broadhead for hunting Wild Boars and Heavy Duty Hogs in low light conditions.

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