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Silence only lasted a couple of minutes and some gobblers sounded off down the hill. In seconds three Jakes walked into view.

The trio walked to our right and gobbled a few more times as they went along. There were no answering gobbles.

They continued on and walked out of our view. They stayed up high where we could see them and Fred dropped one of the Dark Horse’s vertical windows and we kept track of them until they disappeared.

Once the Jakes were long gone daddy’s I was ready to get over to the crest of the hill and look for my longbeard. I stepped through the blinds shooting window and got started.

Forty yards from the blind I could look down the hill and I saw the gobbler laying by the fence near the trees that you can see in the above picture (on the right). I nocked an arrow, just in case…

Movement. I drew and took a few steps closer. He stood up. And then collapsed by the fence. I put my green Cobra pin on his vitals anyway and released the arrow. It thunked him perfects and it was over.

I picked the Tom up by his legs and said, “Fred, he weighs more than the one you got yesterday.” Actually, I was sure he wasn’t. “Fantastic,” Fred replied, and he meant it.

Here is my first Nebraska gobbler, a fat bellied Merriam’s longbeard (that was 3 pounds less than Fred’s 25 pound whopper).



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