Know exactly which way the wind is blowing.

Wayne’s Wicked Enterprises offers the versatile Magic Dust® with a number of important features made for the hunter:

• The Original Magic Dust is the first way to check wind directions and thermals during the low or no light.

• The Original Magic Dust can help mark blood trails and it makes it easy to track game at night because it is activated (Glows-In-The-Dark) by a flashlight/black light.

Light charged Magic Dust glows in the dark

• With the Original Magic Dust, there is no need to wait for light. Before climbing into a ground blind or elevated stand while still dark, the Original Magic Dust Hanging Indicators can be activated and set on an object or hung on a tree limb at two or three shooting distances. Thereafter, return to the blind or stand and use them as range finders to measure the exact shooting distance(s) to game.

Hang it - Range it.

• In dry conditions, The Original Magic Dust helps to mark a hunter’s trail at night. By using a flashlight/black light, it makes the trail come alive.

• It can be added to feather waterproof powder (Bohning Feather Dri) to make feathers glow in the dark. At impact, it throws Magic Dust onto the ground and other objects to make it easy to find the blood trail. If the arrow remains in the animal, it will leave a trail of Magic Dust to help track it at night.

• Sprinkle Magic Dust into or around scrapes to track game movement and direction.

• Place Magic Dust around deer feeders or attractants to track game undetected in nocturnal hours.

• Mix with paint, arrow dip or fingernail polish and the Magic Dust will make anything glow in the dark. Great for sights, releases, arrows, nocks, tree stand steps, gear, or anything you don’t want to lose in the dark.

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