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Then the attacking gobbler stepped off my gobbler and pecked him a few more times and then pushed him around with his foot.

Apparently satisfied that they had won the fight the two gobblers walked away and soon they were out of sight.

No other wild turkeys were in sight right now either and I stepped through the blind’s shooting window to recover my gobbler.

The gobbler had gone down less than 20 yards from us and expired almost right away. However, the attackers apparently did not care and gave him a sound whipping, pecking and humping.

I picked my gobbler up and walked back to the blind. Earlier Fred had showed me a picture of the new jake decoy he had a taxidermist mount. It’s neck and head were sticking up and it looked super. The new decoy was ready to use, however, there was not room for it in Fred’s luggage. The gobbler I just arrowed should do just fine for a similar mounted decoy to use on our wild turkey hunts next year.

Another swell day in the wild turkey woods of Nebraska.


The Grim Reaper Broadheads slogon is “Watch ‘Em Drop” and that is exactly what happened on this hunt. I prefer  a broadhead that makes a big cut. And the Grim Reaper Whitetail Special is the right broadhead for that job. It’s a 3 blade expandable with a 2-inch cutting width, plus a cut-on-contact tip. It’s a super effective broadhead for wild turkey. And it has done the job for me on deer, as well as big wild hogs and black bear.


The last two days the weather has warmed up during the mid day and early afternoon and that puts the mosquitoes out and about.  Needless to say, when I hunt where there are mosquitoes I am never, repeat NEVER without my ThermaCELL. Fire the ThermaCELL unit up with the click of a button and within seconds the bugs are gone. Today, both this morning and afternoon, we kept the mosquitoes at bay when the temperature warmed up.

BOWSIGHT – Cobra Python

The bowsight is a Python from Cobra Archery. It was easy to sight in and its fiber optic pins show right up, even inside a blind that’s so dark inside a deer or wild turkey can’t see you in it. This is the best bowsight I’ve ever used.

Dave Constantine Custom Decoy

The decoy I am using is designed by grand national custom call making champion Dave Constantine. Dave’s eye for realism and knowledge of gobbler postures set him above the others. His Decoy is every thing I expected it to be.It brought the gobblers in for us this afternoon. Note: in spite of how realistic it is the decoy is very inexpensive, only $99 at Dakota Decoy Co..

NIKON Optiocs

I use binoculars more for wild turkey hunting than for any other game animals. Curently, I have 10×42 Prostaff 7 from Nikon. The 10 power is the biggest size I can hand hold, and for that reason it is my favorite. The field of view in these Nikon binoculars is clear, edge to edge. They work great long range in fields and in the thick woods too. And they do good in low light. Not only are they high quality they are very affordable too.


At the ATA Show in January I learned that all living beings constantly produce electromagnetic EMR energy waves. EMR can tip animals off to your presence, because scientific research proves that game animals can sense changes in their EMR environment. HECS clothing blocks 90% of your EMR. So I ordered a set of the baselayers and Fred got the camo suit. It appears to be helping out on the turkey hunts because we are getting close to plenty of wild turkeys.


My release is the smooth shooting Fletch Hook from Fletcher Archery.  It is an excellent release for string loops.  My carbon arrows were the V-Force from Victory Arrows. They shoot true and are tough. Their fletching is the Opti Vane from Goat Tuff Products. This vane is perfect for bowhunting. I fletched the arrows myself with the fast, easy to use EZ-Fletch MINI from Arizona EZ Fletch. My bow and arrow rest are from Alpine Archery. It is an accurate, smooth and fast bow. The Alpine Bowquiver can be removed from the bow. After use, the quiver repeatedly fell out of the holding bracket and I had to glue it with Goat Tuff so it wouldn’t fall off anymore.  Goat Tuff Glue might be for fletching but I can tell you, if it needs fixing with glue, Goat Tuff Glues stick it down to last. I’ll never have another glue around the house again. The Peep is the Whisper Peep and it has vibration dampening material that makes the bow quieter. I prefer this peep sight.


I wore black Cargo pants (with plenty of pockets) and a Long Sleeve T-shirt, both of which I bought at Wal-Mart. Plus I used a black face mask that I made. In the morning and last two hours of the afternoon, when the weather is frosty, I stayed warm and comfortable with the R4 fleece jacket from Patagonia and in the frosty mornings I enjoyed their expedition weight turtleneck. Last year I got tired of getting cold and throwing away my money on cold weather wear that claimed it was warm but was NOT. Patagonia is the real deal. And my black Grim Reaper Broadheads and Bowhunting.net caps topped it off.


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It runs off biting insects, period. Mosquitoes and blackflies will never ruin your hunts again.

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Grim Reaper Broadheads
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