Treeline Treestands continues to expand its product offerings each year with hunter safety in mind and the new Rescue Step™ is no exception.

The Rescue Step™ hunter is a self-rescue device that will help a hunter regain footing and help prevent Suspension Trauma should a fall from a treestand occur while using a full body harness.

Rescue Steps™ attaches to a tree with a 2” strap just above the seat height of the user’s treestand. If the hunter should fall out of the treestand while using a full body harness the hunter simply grabs the ‘PULL’ handle of the Rescue Steps™ which allows the user to pull the ladder up to the level where their feet are dangling allowing the hunter to climb back into their treestand.

Rescue Steps™ are built in the USA and come with a 2 year warranty. Like all treestand equipment Rescue Steps™ must be inspected before each use. Rescue Steps™ has an MSRP of $35.99.

About Treeline Treestands LLC

The staff at Treeline Treestands, LLC is dedicated to providing innovative premium American made products to hunters looking for safe, quiet, comfortable and easy to use equipment that will stand the test of time and provide maximum concealment.

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