By: Rick Philippi

The Spot-On Laser Broadhead has hit the market in an innovating way. It is the archery industry’s first field sighted broadhead. The internal laser beam integrated into the broadhead immediately activates at full draw with a bow mounted magnet. An arrow tipped with the Spot-On laser broadhead from Clean-Shot Archery will have 24” of elevation adjustment at 30 yards as well as side to side adjustments enabling you to sight in each of your arrows to be accurate out to ranges of 70 yards. Adjust the set screws to calibrate each broadhead and where the laser beam aims is where your arrow will hit. Now when that big boar comes in at dark thirty all you have to do is aim and put the laser where you want to hit.

Big boars like this move at dark and the Laser Hogzilla Killa’ is just what the Doctor ordered.














This laser broadhead has extremely deep penetration due to the Hollow Point Tip that cuts ON IMPACT creating a huge wound channel that leaves a fantastic blood trail. I have been hunting hogs for 33 years and the truth of the matter is, 75% of the time the hog movement starts at dark thirty and this is the benefit of the Spot-On laser broadhead. When it starts getting dark and the hogs come in, you simply aim the laser at the hogs vitals and release. It is that simple! Jump out to the Clean-Shot web site and check out this cool product. Clean-Shot Archery