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My arrow knocked the big gobbler off his feet. But he bounced back up and ran, off balance and stumbling, behind the other longbeard, to the nearest ceder trees up the hill. I lost track of them both there.

Instantly, I glassed the area. A longbeard walked out from behind the cedars and stood by the fence that is perpendicular to the fence that my blind is near, 50 yards away.

He didn’t look hurt at all. I glassed more carefully and spotted my gobbler laying under some branches by a stump. He was no more than 35 yards away.

He was not moving. I waited and watched. He made a couple of jerks and got still again. The other gobbler continued to watch him too.

A little time ticked by and my gobbler stood up and took a few steps.

Both longbeards started up the hill and I lost track of them right away. The question of, “do you go for him or do you wait,” rolled around in my head. I waited 5 minutes and eased out of the blind and up the hill to where I saw the other gobbler standing.

I poked my head around the ceders and looked uphill by the fenceline. Nothing in sight.

Twenty yards further I stopped at another open gate. It separates two narrow pastures on the hill. Something made a noise in the trees to my left and I checked it out. Then I circled through the woods to the top of the hill.

Again, nothing.

I made the short walk back to the ranch house.




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