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A 3rd gobbler fell in close behind the approaching jake and body butted it out of the way so he could get to my gobbler first.

The jake stepped away and the new gobbler jumped ontop of  my gobbler’s back and started pecking him viciously on the head and neck.

A 3rd attacker ran up and jumped right in. The jake still stayed back a little and let the more mature gobblers take over.

Now the first gobbler quit pecking my gobbler’s head and concentrated on humping its back. The 3rd gobbler took over on head pecking duty and delivered blows with its beak and grabbed the head by the skin and yanked it roughly.

The humping gobbler continued to pound away with enough force that he turned the body of my gobbler around. The 3rd gobbler strutted up.

Three more gobblers ran up and they all had a brief confrontation, that is all except for my gobbler.

A gobbler with a nice beard and two others closed in on my gobbler. The nice beard went right for my gobblers head.

And proceeded to give my gobbler’s head a fierce pecking and pounding. The other two new gobblers held back but it was easy to tell they were looking for an opening for themselves.

When the nice beard quit pummeling its head he jumped on top of my gobbler and gave him a good humping.



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