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Ohhh yeaaaa! Two longbeards up the hill following a hen coming in my direction. Talk about last minute. I had one last chance to tag out in Nebraska. I checked to be sure my arrow was nocked and on the rest correctly. It was so I steadied my bow between my legs and took some pictures.

Both gobblers were coming and I zoomed in on them with the camera. They hesitated by some trees and I took a few hurried pictures.

The gate was on my left and only 9 yards in front of me. The hen stopped a few steps from it and looked at my jake decoy. The gobblers stopped and watched her. One strutted up and I zoomed in close and took their picture.

Then they went on the move again. The strutter dropped its fan and walked a few steps closer. They were about 40 yards away.

They continued on. But the hen changed directions. Instead of coming through the gate it went left along the fence. Potentially, that could mess me up. I already had a call in my mouth and gave some soft yelps. One of the longbeards looked my way … and he saw my decoys, a Jake and a mating hen.

Quickly, the two fine gobblers zipped down near the open gate. One was behind some  hanging down limbs, their heads bobbed back and forth between the real hen and my decoys.

I did a soft kee kee and one of the gobblers instantly blew up into full strut. Then I took one last picture.

With care, I placed my camera on the ground and hooked my Fletch Hook on my string loop. The longbeards still seemed uncertain about following the hen up the fence or going for my decoys. I drew and aimed at the closest one. They were 12-14 yards away.

I aimed and took my shot.



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