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During April’s wild turkey hunts I began seeing a few of this year’s Fawns. But it was always at an time that I couldn’t get my camera going quick enough, or else I didn’t have the camera with me.

But in the last week I’ve gotten lucky and taken pictures of a few of the 2012 fawns.

Below is the usual way you see a fawn, it sees you first and is watching you.

And then, once in a while you see the fawn first get the opportunity to take it’s picture as it goes about its business.

Ok, here are the highlights of my Fawn photos for ya. Enjoy…

[slideshow id=37 w=640 h=540]

Bowhunting.Net: Scouting For Deer 2012 Home Page

The 2012 Scouting For Deer is sponsored by:

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