By: Tink Jackson

While hunting from tree stands is an age old pastime on the eastern side of this great nation, these great tools are still very underutilized out west. Part of this is due to the fact that so much of the land in the west is public land, and thanks to a few bozos, leaving your tree stand out in the woods may quickly lead to a loss of your investment. The ever growing and changing climbing tree stand market obviously makes using a tree stand a viable option for western hunters now, along with changing how eastern hunters think. As part of our New Mexico deer hunt this past winter, we looked at a few of the top tree stands on the market and reviewed their use out here in the southwest. Yes, we do have enough trees to use tree stands in most areas, and a tune up during deer season sure might give us another advantage to utilize during elk season! The second climbing tree stand we reviewed was the Gorilla Greyback Climber.

The technical specs:

• Fully adjustable backpack straps
• XT-6 Nylon red washers
• Greyback Climber’s smart design allows you to hunt with real versatility
• Gorilla grip pivoting arms are perfect fit for any tree from 8″ to 20″
• Steel construction rated for 300 lbs.
• G-force seat
• Padded camo climbing bar
• Climbing straps
• Padded upper arms with two detachable gear bags

Gorilla Greyback Climber - Quality and Affordability Combined

In reviewing tree stands, we look at the following traits of each stand:
• Size of Platform
• Seat Size/Material/Comfort
• Construction/Durability
• Portability
• Quietness
• Ease of Use
• Price

Size of Platform – Let’s face it, regardless of what we all say during the off season, the bigger the platform, the safer we all feel while in a tree stand, and the more options we will have when it matters. The platform size on the Greyback Climber measures in at 18″ x 30″! It is larger than comparably priced climbers on the market. The size of the platform was more than adequate for a big guy like me.

Large Welded Steel Platform with Non-Slip Surface

Seat Size / Material / Comfort – I am not a small guy, and many of the stands on the market, well, are just not made for me! At 6’4” and 275 pounds, those little seats that come as part of most tree stands just don’t cut it. The seat in the Greyback Climber measures 18”X12”, which is borderline for us big guys. However, the Gorilla G-Force seat design is a great design, and made the climber very comfortable to sit in for extended periods. The G-Force Seat is named for the same weightless feeling the zero-G offers, and is designed for comfort and the long-duration hunt. Tightly webbed straps with adjustable buckles hold the seat close to the platform while providing a suspended-in-air experience that won’t put your backside to sleep. The seat material is quiet and comfortable, and overall, the seat and sitting in it exceeded our expectations in functionality and comfort.

Seat Supports on Bottom of G-Force Seat with Metal Strap Latches

Thick, Padded Seat Cushion Provides Hours of Comfort

Construction / Durability – The Greyback Climber is extremely versatile and well made. The welded steel construction is superb, and the expanded steel and Traxion non-slip coated surface on the platform adds safety, confidence and stability. The coated Gorilla Grip Cables have adjustment holes every two inches and a solid pin system to hold them securely in place. We have every confidence that the Greyback climber will provide years of high quality service and dependability.

Quality Welded Construction

Cable Securing System with Pins Tied to Climber

Portability– The Greyback Climber weighs in at 27 pounds. It is a little bulky when folded down, but considering all of the extras you get with this climber, that little extra bulk and weight is well worth it. The backpack straps provided with the Greyback are adjustable and padded, making carrying of the climber quite comfortable.

Padded Backpack Straps for Carrying

Quietness – This climber is beyond quiet. After a full season of use in some pretty harsh weather, we had no problems with noise. The XT-6 nylon bushings and washers at all contact points make it an industry leader in removing noise from your hunting experience. This is one of the great advantages of this climber. The seat material is also extremely quiet.

XT-6 Nylon Bushings Provide Protection Against Noise

Ease of Use – The pivoting arms allow you to use the climber on trees from 8 inches to 20 inches. The stand is easy to set up and easy to use. The climbing bar and upper arms are all padded and the arms come with detachable gear bags, a nice bonus! The 300 pound rating is enough to give us big guys plenty of confidence in the stand. The stand is easy to set-up and use, once you get all of the straps adjusted. Climbing in it is very easy and secure, and at the end of the day, you don’t have to worry about someone else taking your investment home! All-in-all, this stand gets the job done in grand fashion.

Detachable Arm Pockets Are Very Handy

Price – The Greyback Climber retails for $179.99, and it is worth that and more. Based on the quality of this climber, this is one of the best values on the market for a top end climber!

Overall Grade EXCELLENT – For the price, the Gorilla Greyback Climber is going to be very hard to beat. The stand is very durable, rugged and loaded with features that will make your days in the tree pass all too fast. The platform is large and gives you extra security and functionality, and the construction is very high quality.

The Greyback Climber Does Not Monkey Around!

Overall, the Gorilla Greyback Climber is one of the highest quality and best valued climbers on the market. In all areas, this climber exceeded our expectations. We can’t wait to get back in it during our fall elk hunt!

For more please go to: Gorilla Treestands or shop Amazon below!