By: Tink Jackson

Every once in a while, we come cross a product that not only has a ton of utility in our hunting endeavors, but is just plain fun. The Wildgame Innovations Action Camera is all that and more! The AC5XC adds a whole new element to every day spent in the field. With the WGI Action Cam, anyone and everyone can now record their hunts in HD! This little camera is loaded with features, and quickly became a staple in our gear bag.


The technical specs:

• Resolution 5.0mp
• Zoom Up to 4X
• Audible Selection Indicator can turn on or off
• Onboard Memory 64mb
• Format JPEG – Digital still pictures & MOV – Digital video clips in WVGA at 848 X 480 or HD at 720i
• External Memory Can accommodate removable Micro SD memory card up to 32GB
• USB Output USB style (Cable Included)
• Image Output USB & Micro SD Card
• LCD Command Console 1.125″ x .875″ display
• Programming Digital
• Power Supply Lithium ion battery (Included)
• Duty Cycle* Approximately 4 weeks on factory default settings
• Housing ABS plastic, weather resistant with rubber gasket
• Mounting – 4 mounts included – tree mount, tripod mount, hat mount and strap mount with both nylon and rubber straps

WGI AC5XC HD Action Camera – Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

This little jewel is loaded with toys and features. In the box you will find the camera unit, a clear waterproof case, USB cable, tree mount, tripod mount, hat clip mount, strap mount, rechargeable lithium battery and the product information guide. Just pop the battery in the battery compartment, charge it (the first charge takes about 4 hours), and you are ready to go.

The Action Cam has 3 buttons on the side. These buttons are used to set the camera up. Settings include the following and are discussed below:

• Time
• Date
• Mode (Video or Still)
• Video (HD or WVGA)
• Still (Normal, RapidX, 3, 6, 9)
• Zoom (None, 2X, 3X, 4X)
• Delete (Number or All)

Action Cam Set-Up Screen

Camera – The Action Camera can be used to take still photos. The photo settings include Normal and RapidX 3, 6, or 9. Normal is as stated; it makes the camera function as a regular digital camera, recording a single picture per shot. The RapidX feature allows you to take high speed photos (in groups of 3, 6 or 9) with a single push of the button. We ran numerous tests on the speed of the RapidX feature. Set on RapidX 9, the camera will take 9 pictures in 4.8 seconds!







Lapsed time of RapidX 9


Overall, the photo quality of the camera is good. At 5MP, the photos are big enough to zoom in and get a clear detailed view of objects that you capture in your still photos. The menu is simple to navigate to change the settings on the camera, and the photos are easy to get off the camera, either by using a USB cord, or taking the Micro SD card out and putting it into a card reader.

Video – The Action Camera can be used to capture either HD or WVGA videos. We used the camera in a number of different situations and were very happy with the quality of the videos. The zoom feature works with both still photos and video. On the 4X setting, you can actually reach out there a ways and get good quality. The Action Cam will accept up to a 32GB micro SD card. We used an 8GB card. With this card, the camera would record 4:18 of video. Extrapolated, that would be almost 17 hours of video with the 32GB card! The videos are easily transferred to your computer for viewing.

Extra’s – The Action Camera comes with a ton of extra “goodies”. The first accessory is the waterproof housing. The housing is clear, comes with a rubber gasket to make sure the door seals tight, and has button extensions so that you can still change settings on the Action Camera even when it is in the housing.

Action Cam Water Proof Housing

We did notice a slight reduction in the quality of the photos/videos if the camera was used while in the water proof housing. I would recommend only using the housing if it is truly needed. It also slightly reduces the light from the eight (8) LED’s that give you the ability to shoot in low light situations, another big bonus!

The Action Camera also comes with four (4) different mounting accessories. They include a tree mount, tripod mount, hat mount and strap mount with both nylon and rubber straps. The mounts work well and will allow you to set you Action Camera up in just about any way that you choose.

Mounting Accessories

Overall, we would highly recommend the WGI Action Camera to everyone. This little camera is a true gem! WGI has done a fantastic job in designing this unit. It will do everything you will want or need in the field. No more wishing you could afford a camera to record your hunts – WGI has made it possible for you to be the star of the show!

For more information go to: Wildgame Innovations