By: Marc Anthony

I recently tested the Arizona Rim’s E-Z Fletch ‘Mini’, for carbon arrows, and fell in love with this device. I like it so much, I’m going to include it into my fall 2012 Hit List. After receiving the E-Z Fletch, I chose to use some new Victory Archery VAP arrows and some Goat Tuff Products Opti-Vanes  and High Performance Glue to put everything together. I read the instructions that came with the E-Z Fletch and they seemed simple enough, so I began the process.


The E-Z Fletch ‘Mini’ weighs about 6 or 7 ounces and is roughly 7″ long. It has three “wings” that open up with provisions to hold an arrow vane in each wing. Once the vanes are installed and glue is applied to the vanes, an arrow shaft can be inserted in the middle of the E-Z Fletch. A quick twist to the bottom housing and the wings close and grip the arrow shaft securing the vanes to the arrows. The top cap is applied to ensure the vanes are held under pressure during the drying process.

The manufacturer suggested time to wait is 2-3 minutes to allow the glue to dry, so upon fulfilling that requirement, another quick twist (after removing the top cap) and the completed arrow assembly is finished!

If you were expecting a long and lengthy review, sorry, there’s no need for one because it really is that easy! All three vanes are fletched at the same time! Your arrows will even have right helical twisted vanes when finished. I even indexed my arrows during this process, so I’m one happy camper! If any of you want better performance from your arrows, try indexing and fletching them yourselves with the E-Z Fletch from AZ Rim Country, it is one handy little device.

To watch video: CLICK HERE

You can visit Arizona E-Z Flecth at: Arizona E-Z Fletch . Retail price is in the vicinity of $45-$49.00 and in addition to the Mini for smaller Carbon Shafts like the Victory Archery VAPs and Easton’s new Injexion Shafts. They also make the new Bolt for larger diameter shafts and crossbow bolts and the standard E-Z Fletch for standard shafts. All E-Z Fletch’s work with wood, aluminum and carbon shafts and you can choose straight or right and left hand helical.

If you choose to purchase an Arizona E-Z Fletch and I certainly recommend you do, I also highly recommend the use of Goat Tuff High Performance glues and their Opt-Vanes. The glue is probably the best on the market and their vanes are ideal for tight groupings and consistency.

The Opt-Vanes are made with a dual material, patented process that combines a softer material on the bottom that incorporates a soft, “U” shape glue receiver at the base of the vane that creates a suction and used with glue, really makes these vanes stick to the shaft like concrete. The top part is both firm and flexible for more accurate, consistent arrow flight. Visit them at: Goat Tuff Products.

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