By: Gary Elliott

From humble immigrant beginnings and a promise of quality, Fred Leupold set up a one-man shop repairing surveying equipment. Joined later by his brother-in-law, Adam Voelpel and later by inventor John Cyprian Stevens thus began 100 years of tradition and quality. Even today with the introduction of their first trail camera Leupold’s tradition of quality and innovation shows with the family of RCX cameras.

I had the privilege of using the RCX II game camera, equipped with a controller that allows you to download pictures on to another SD card and gives you the ability to set up your camera and to see just what your camera is seeing before you walk away.

The controller allows you to have as many cameras as you need and you only have to use one controller. Each camera can have its own unique name giving you the ability to know which picture came from what camera and what angle. This then saves you time and a lot of hassle getting and utilizing your pictures.

The controller features a 3” viewing screen. A preinstalled Lithium Ion battery and requires a minimum of 2 hours charging time prior to first use. It is preferable to charge it at least 16 hours to ensure long hours of use and to prevent the life of the battery being cut short due to under charging.

You can set up your camera using pre-sets or you can use the customize option to have the camera operate you’re way.

The camera and controller both take SD and SDHC cards with a memory capacity up to 32 MB giving you the ability to take a great amount of pictures depending on your camera and picture quality setup. Camera setup is easy and Leupold makes it easy with simple setup instructions that come with it or you can access from their website.


Two settings allow you the choice of using either 48 LED’s or a power saving mode, utilizing only 36 of the 48 LED lights. The camera also allows you three choices of camera capture sensitivity. Instead of the typical 45 degree camera angle Leupold gives you 54 degrees of lens angle both at 45 feet. A quick 1 second trigger speed and picture quality up to 8 MP of quality allows you to capture great pictures and video.

One of the great features of this camera is the ability to set the camera to take pictures when you want it to. Meaning if you want it to take pictures during certain times of the day, such as night time only, you can customize that setting. If you want to do time lapse, you have that option as well. So, if you are a simple person and want simple, the RCX trail camera can be simple.

If you are a micro manager and want to control all the settings then the RCX trail camera is for you as well. The camera gives you the option to run off an external 12V source should you need to leave it out for and extended amount of time. Each picture is stamped with camera name, moon phase, Date/time, temperature, file name and the RCX II also stamps the barometric pressure as well on each picture. Pictures and video can be played back on a TV by using the USB cable that comes with the camera.

Overall, this camera was was extremely easy to set up and use. When I wanted my pictures I walked out and had them and was able to double check what my camera was seeing in very little time. Photo quality was great and I was actually able to get several pictures put in a Woods & Water paper showing a nice buck in the area as well as some other of our furry friends. If you would like more information on this camera visit

Review written by: Gary Elliott